Fresh Fruit Bundle

Fresh Fruit Bundle

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Crave Stevia Strawberry Liquid is as close as you can get to the taste of freshly sliced sweet strawberries. You get a natural strawberry flavour and a touch of sweetness in every drop.

Crave Stevia Lime Liquid Drops add the fresh acidic taste of limes combined with the sweetness of Stevia. The bold, zesty flavour of lime enhances your drinks, desserts, and BBQ recipes.

When you need a natural orange flavour in your baking, salad dressing, or other recipes, reach for Crave Stevia Liquid Drops. Each drop smells like an orange grove and tastes like a sweet, juicy orange.

Sometimes you need a fragrant banana flavour without the banana. Two drops of Crave Stevia Banana Liquid provide all the sweetness and taste of fresh bananas without the bulk, mess, or calories.


Add 5-8 drops or adjust to suit personal preferences. CraveStevia liquid drops can be added to water, coffee, yogurt or any other food or beverage. CraveStevia is a healthy alternative and is 300 times sweeter than sugar.  


A Proprietary Formula of Purified Water, Organic Flavour, Organic Stevia, Proprietary Plant Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid.