Coffee Bundle

Coffee Bundle

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The heavenly mixture of Irish whiskey, coffee, sugar, and real cream cheers you up. Taste those authentic flavours in Crave Stevia Irish Creme Drops without the alcohol, sugar, or fat. Just has a pure, smooth taste.

Crave Stevia Cappuccino Liquid recreates the scent and rich, creamy taste of espresso and frothy milk in a steaming Italian cappuccino. Just a couple of drops perks up any coffee beverage or dessert recipe

When you need the genuine nutty flavour of toasted hazelnuts without the nuts, a couple of drops of Crave Stevia Hazelnut flavour is all you need. This unique flavour complements vanilla and fruit flavours.

Crave Stevia Vanilla Liquid Drops bring the rich aroma of fresh Madagascar vanilla beans to any food or beverage. Just two drops transform ordinary food into a delicious treat from a French pastry shop.


Add 5-8 drops or adjust to suit personal preferences. CraveStevia liquid drops can be added to water, coffee, yogurt or any other food or beverage. CraveStevia is a healthy alternative and is 300 times sweeter than sugar.  


A Proprietary Formula of Purified Water, Organic Flavour, Organic Stevia, Proprietary Plant Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid.